Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Then I Cried

I couple of days ago, I was reading through some old blog posts.  See, at the bottom of each blog post is a widget that provides three links to older posts that are supposed to be related to that particular post.  I often click on those and just reminisce about old times.  

On this particular day, I ran across a post from October 22, 2013.  In that post was the following passage:

Work was exhausting today. Group Leader Fernando wasn't there, and the person they sent over there to ...well, lead the group...um...is..um...well...as my co-worker likes to say, she'll worry the horns off a billy goat.  And she did exactly that.

The irony is, she worried us so much about doing our work, that we couldn't get our work done because of her worrying us, and ended up having to stay late to get the work done that we didn't get done while she was worrying us to death.  Then she came over and started worrying us about staying late.

I guess my co-worker got a little fed up because she told her, "We will get the work done, and then we will leave."

First I laughed, until I realized that the worrisome group leader is now my permanent group leader and this is my life every. single. day.

Then I cried.

Then I really didn't want to go back to work this morning, but alas, the bills must be paid, so off to work I went.  And so, my Memorial Day weekend came to an end.

Over said weekend, though, I was able to get out and work in my flower beds a little.  I got mulch spread over about 1/3 of the bed. 

 I was going to get out this evening and mulch around those four zinnias, but I didn't.  I didn't do the rest of the bed because in that space between the salvias and the moss rose, I've got some seeds planted.  I think it is Chinese Forget-Me-Not.  I'd bought them last year and never did plant them.  A week or so ago, I threw them into that space, just to see if they'd come up.  Lo and behold, they are.

I wasn't sure if they'd germinate, what with the seeds being old and all, so this is a nice surprise.

Speaking of my salvias, I thought this one had died, but look, it's putting out new leaves.

The other two also look pretty sad, but not as bad as this one.  Maybe they'll recover and grow, too.  Oh, and one of my dahlias is blooming red.

I have three.  One has yellow blooms, and this one has red.  The third one hasn't bloomed yet, so I'm anxious to see what color those will be.

I'd planted some wildflower seeds in this spot, but very little has come up here.  I've got a couple of zinnias and a couple of vincas.  Other than that, nothing.  I guess the grass has choked everything else out.

So, after taking my pictures, I spent a few minutes and started pulling the grass out.  I haven't decided if I'm going to try again with seeds, or just plant something already started.  I'll let you know. 

Finally, I spent most of Monday -- as is my custom -- watching war movies.  I try to watch one about each major war the U.S. has been involved in, except the Revolution.  I save those for Independence Day. 

Anyway, for my Iraq/Afghanistan era movie, I watched a new one:  Taking Chance.   

I'd seen it pop up in my Amazon Prime recommended movies, but it wasn't until someone in one of the Veteran pages I follow on FB recommended it that I decided I need to watch it.  Oh my goodness, you need to see this movie! 

The movie is set in 2004, and in it Kevin Bacon plays a man named Lt. Col Michael Strobl, who -- as he puts it -- crunches numbers in a cubicle in Quantico.  Every night, he reads the casualty reports from the combat zones, and one night he spots a young man from his hometown on that report.  Immediately, Col Strobl volunteers to escort the body.  He is told that it's very unusual for such a high ranking officer to escort a PFC, but he says he wants to do it anyway. 

All along the journey, the kindness and respect he is shown touches him, and teaches him a little about himself.

I won't go into any more details, but let me just say, even old stone hearted Becky cried a little at this movie.  OK, I cried a lot.  I started tearing up about 5 minutes in, and didn't stop until the movie was over. 

Seriously, if you don't see another movie this year, watch this one.  You'll be glad you did.

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