Thursday, May 25, 2017

Still Breathing

I'm still breathing, just not blogging.  I had a cute little throwback Thursday post all thought out for you, too.  After working a 12 hour day, I came home and decided I really needed to mow before the next round of rain.  By the time I finished that, I was too tired to post it.  Maybe next week. 

I'm so tuckered that yesterday I went to second shift supervisor and said I didn't want to stay late any more.  "But you're my top floater," she said.  Sigh..

Two things.

1) How the heck did I get to be the top floater, and more importantly, how to I become NOT the top floater?  In other words, how do I go back to being a bottom feeder?

2)  If they need me so badly, why is there never anything for me to do?  Why is the supervisor saying, "Oh, just go find something"? 

To make matters worse, this morning the third shift group leader said he was going to ask if I can start coming in at 3 AM.  Sigh, again. I would still be limited to 12 hours, so no more staying late, but I don't know about going in that early. 

I'm getting too old for this.

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