Thursday, May 04, 2017

And Just Like That

I have my overtime back.

And the way it happened was this.

It was the end of my work day, and I was cleaning up my area, getting ready to go home, when I spotted the second shift supervisor.  I waved.  He waved back, and came to speak.

"Are you still coming in at 4?" he asked.

I told him no, that my production superintendent told me I couldn't any more.  Now I'm coming in at 7.  As soon as I said that, his eyes lit up and is face began to glow, and he said, "So now when I need you, I can have you?"  Taken in the proper context, that is not nearly as kinky as it sounds by itself.

"Yes," I replied.  "And please need me."  Taken in the proper context, neither is that.

He said, "Oh, I will, especially on the weekends.  I'll tell you what, go ahead and stay until 4 every day."  He went on to explain that though the lines start working at 3:00 PM, the floater pool doesn't arrive until 4:00 PM.  I thought that was odd.  Since half the lines start at 3:00, you'd think they'd have floaters coming in at that time, too, but no.  He wants me to stay that first hour, then when the floaters get assigned, he'd reassess the situation and see if he needed me to stay until 7:00. 

We also made sure my Supervisor Calvin knew about it this time -- after what had happened with Supervisor Josh.  Calvin said, "Oh, she can't stay past 3:30.  She gets cranky and downright violent.  It wouldn't be a good idea."

I told Second Shift Supervisor Rod, "The way to solve that is very easy.  Simply retreat to a safe distance and throw chocolate.  I'll calm right down." 

Today, I stayed until 7:00.  If this keeps up, and I hope it does, I'll have to pack snacks to take with me.  I was so hungry when I got home, but my electricity was out.  I didn't have any way to cook anything.  Around 8:00, I'd decided I was going to fix me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and just as I was getting the bread out, the lights came back on.  I had scrambled eggs instead.

Yes, I'm allergic to eggs.  Yes, I eat them anyway, and yes, I'm feeling it right now.  That, combined with it already being past my bedtime, is why you get a short post today.  But I did want to let you know the good news. 

Oh, and show you my gardenia is blooming. 

It's got more blooms open now, but I haven't taken a new picture of it yet. 

Oh, and I'd planned on watching my old Star Wars VHS when I got home it being Star Wars Day and all -- but what with staying late and the electricity being off, I've postponed that to the weekend.   Still, May The Fourth Be With You.

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