Friday, October 09, 2015

But First

I promised knitting photos.  Here is my sister's sock yarn blanket.

 Like I said, it might be ready by the time she has grandkids.  I put out a plea on Facebook for knitting friends to send me leftover sock yarns.  I'm sure I'll get some.  Knitters are the most generous people on the planet.  It doesn't really even have to be sock yarn.  Any machine washable fingering weight will do.  She has three boys, and I want her to be able to toss it into the machine without worrying about ruining it.  I'm not picky about fiber content, either.

This is the scarf I cast on out of Knit Picks Aloft.

I'm probably going to frog it, though.  I don't like it.  It was supposed to be something mindless to keep in the bedroom to work on while I watch TV, but the yarn is too light, and I can't really see it.  Tomorrow, I'm going to work on getting my craft stuff organized, so I'll find something else to knit in the bedroom.

The plan today was to get the framing in my main bathroom painted.  When I got to looking more closely, I noticed that the paint was cracking in the corners and around the edges of my frame.   

I got my handy dandy paint scraper out and started scraping.  It looks like there are at least three layers of paint on the frame. 

While scraping, I noticed something else.  I had noticed it before, but I just figured out what it was I had been looking at.  It seems that the previous owner put new framing around the door, only she didn't take the old framing off first.  She just slapped the new frame on top of the old.  I know it's hard to see in this picture, but yes, that is two layers of framing around that door. 

I first thought I'd just paint over it, but I decided to take all the old framing down and replace it.  I know it's a lot more work, but I want it done right.  I went ahead and bought some paint stripper, so I can get all that paint off and see exactly what it is I am working with. Then I'll go from there. 

I got some new catalogs in the mail these last couple of days.

Apparently, when you buy a house, the realtors tattle on you to all these home decor companies.  It was fun to look through the catalogs, but even with the 15% coupons included, their stuff is just a bit out of my current budget. 

Not to mention, I just don't like it. 

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