Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Not It

I got home from my weekly resupply run Friday only to discover that I had forgotten to buy dog food.  I thought there would be enough to last the week, but this morning I realized it wouldn't make it.  After work, I ran in to the store to get some.

Since Halloween is just a few days away, I thought to myself that I needed to get some candy -- candy that would survive being eaten until Saturday.  This is not it. 

Back on my old road, we hardly ever got Trick Or Treaters.  I think I had 3 in the 20 years I lived there.  I'm not sure if they get a lot on this road, but I thought it would be best to be prepared.  I think I'll need to hide it from myself. 

I was walking towards the checkouts and passed a table of clearance items.  I just happened to spot these plates.

They weren't but $2 each, and since I got the OK to start going in to work at 5:00 (yes, that is ante meridian),  I splurged and got two.  I thought they'd look nice with a fake pumpkin, or a pile of squash and some autumn garland.  I didn't get any today, because I was tired and didn't want to go back to the decorations section.  Maybe Friday I'll look and see what they have left. 

You want to know how crazy things have been lately?  I'll tell you.  Cody's birthday was almost two weeks ago, and I just now realized I haven't bought him a present. 

Yeah, OK, I'm going to bed. 

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