Friday, October 23, 2015

I've Got Fire!

It's here!  My fire stick is here! 

I've got it hooked up to my TV, so I may never get out of my recliner again.  I'm wondering why I waited so long to get one.  I haven't even scratched the surface of all it can do.  The best thing is, it isn't always crashing like my old streaming device did.   The remote is also better, since it controls the stick without me having to hold my tongue just right.

I think I'm going to move my old streaming device/DVD player into the bedroom.  I've got a spare DVD player around here somewhere that I can hook up to the TV in the living room.  I just have to find it.

I got some more good news.  You see, I don't like change at all.  A couple of weeks ago, Beverly and James went to Texas.  I picked up their mail while they were gone.  When I took it over there to them, Bev and I were visiting for a bit.  She got to talking about how glad she is to be moving home, and next door to her sister, but is still going to miss the good friends she made here.  She started tearing up, and I was kind of choking up myself.  I was trying to hold it together, because it just wouldn't do for both of us to be crying.

However, as I was pulling out of her driveway heading home, the UPS man was passing by.  He saw me, and started waving.  That's when I lost it.  I bawled all the way home.  I really like my UPS man.  He always stops to chat for a moment when he delivers my packages, and he is so sweet.  Losing him was just one more change I had to deal with.

Today, when the UPS truck pulled up to deliver my Fire Stick, I waited anxiously to see who my new delivery guy would be.   When he stepped out of the truck, I was so happy to see it was my same old familiar UPS man.  I am still on his route!  I could have hugged his neck.

I probably would have if I didn't abhor human contact.  INTJ things, you know.

Speaking of the new house, this was my project for today.

It was actually just the flapper I needed to replace, but I went ahead and replaced the whole inner workings.  The bad news is, I've got a slow drip where the water line hooks into the tank.  They say not to use a wrench, but I can't get it tight enough just hand tightening it.  Probably in the morning, I'm going to unhook it and wrap the threads with some teflon tape.  Yes, I do have some teflon tape around here somewhere.  If that doesn't work, I'm going to have to use my wrench on it.   I had to use the wrench to loosen the nut, so I'm thinking whoever replaced it last used a wrench on it.

But I'm rambling now...

 Next project in the works: 

I'm going to start filling all the nail and screw holes in my paneling.  Believe me, there are a lot of them.

You know, when I bought the house, I was under the impression that an old lady lived here by herself.  My next door neighbor told me that wasn't the case at all.  Her daughter and a whole passel of kids lived here with her.  I knew she had grandkids, because I saw the toys.  I just didn't know that they all lived here.

 Be that as it may, the kids seemed to be quite destructive.   There are holes all in the paneling, and one spot that looks like it had been repeatedly struck with a hammer-like object.  Now that I'm almost finished with the bathroom, except for replacing the door frame, I'm starting to think about painting the living room.  I've chosen an off white color for the walls, and a light gray for the trim.

Farmer's Almanac is predicting a long, cold winter, and this will make a good project for these dreary winter days.  It'll also enable me to put off dealing with that horrid small bathroom for a while.  I really should get that one taken care of, though.  I just don't want to scrape all that sand off the walls. 

I also heard that there will be a shortage of pumpkins this year.  You can't tell it from our Wal-Mart.  They've got plenty of whole pumpkins.  Nevertheless, I'm stocking up on canned pumpkin, just in case. 

If it turns out we really do run out of pumpkin, I can get rich selling it on the black market.

Finally, today is my dad's 89th birthday.  I think this is one of my absolute favorite pictures of him.

It was taken in 1992 by my Aunt Martha.  That's my sister.  She'd gotten underwear for Christmas.  The expression on my daddy's face sums up his entire personality in one look.

Happy Birthday in heaven.  I still miss you. 

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