Sunday, October 04, 2015

A Chill In The Air

There was definitely a nip in the air these last couple of mornings.  This morning, I was seriously tempted to start a little fire in my wood heater, but I was afraid it would make the house too hot.  So I just put on some flannel pants and my moccasins and drank some hot chocolate.

Yesterday, I got up and painted my bathroom.  I put two coats on, and I think that will be enough.

After church today, I got in there and touched up a few spots.  I'll be touching up for a few days here before I take the painter's tape down.  Next step will be to paint the cabinet and the door frame.  Then I'll have to decide which molding I want to put up, and whether I want it in the dark blue, too.  Plus, I want to add at least two cabinets -- one mirrored and one plain. 

Since it was so chilly these last couple of days, I finally drug out the fall decorations and started putting them out. 

Yes, that was a little bit of vernacular there.  I haven't quite given up my grammar nazi position yet.  In fact, I was mentally correcting the pastor's grammar during the sermon this morning.  I probably ought not do that, huh? 

Anyway, I mostly stuck stuff on nails that were already in the walls in my living room.  Before I paint, though, I'm going to pull all those nails out and repair the holes.  That means that next year, I'm actually going to have to think about where I want stuff.  Yeesh...I'm not good at decorating. 

Other than that, I put some stuff on my mantle. 

I moved that plant after I took the photo, and yes, that hideous green will be going away eventually.  I really, really wonder about the previous owner's tastes in color and decor. 

This was the only other stuff I put out this year.  I decided it was enough.

Good news, I found someone who wants all this concrete.  She is going to put it into her dog kennels to get them up out of the mud.  She and her husband came got some of it this afternoon, but she didn't realize how big some of the pieces are.  She is going to have to find a truck and some men to help her, but she is going to come get the rest of it.

Now, if I could just get Rylea to stop digging canyons in my back yard, we'll be all set to do some landscaping come spring. 

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