Monday, August 04, 2014

I'm Back

Yeah, it's been a few days.  Truth is, there just wasn't that much to blog about, so instead of boring you with a bunch of nonsensical filler, I just took a short break.

While I was taking said break, I finished another scarf.

For this one, I used Red Heart Team Spirit in blue and gold for both the warp and the weft.  It turned out pretty interesting, though not what I had thought it would look like.  I still have an entire skein of this left.  If I make another one, though, I think I'm going to use a solid blue for the warp, and the self striping for the weft.

A couple of years ago, I'd bought a whole bunch of Cherry Tree Hill yarn on clearance.  One of the yarns I bought was this:  

I think the colorway was called Birch, but I don't remember.  I lost the ball band quite a while back.

Well, this yarn, once I decided that Cherry Tree Hill was no good for socks, went through a bit of an identity crisis.  

The first thing it thought it wanted to be was a Clapotis.   I'd gotten this far, when the yarn decided it didn't want to be a Clapotis after all.

Then the yarn decided it wanted to be a ribbed scarf.  Not very far into that scarf, the yarn had a change of heart.  It didn't want to be a ribbed scarf, either.

Next, the yarn declared that it wanted to be a linen stitch scarf.  Only a couple of rows in, the yarn said no.  No, it didn't want to be a linen stitch scarf. 

Dutifully, I frogged the linen stitch scarf.  But what to do with the yarn? 

Yep, I warped the loom with it.  I'm using it for the weft, too. 

And the yarn is happy now. 

I've begun the task of cleaning the snake tanks.  I spot clean every time I feed them, but every few months I do a complete clean out -- change the substrate, wash the water bowls, etc.  I thought it'd be a good time to take some new portraits.  Here is the first one: 

This is Slider, a 10 year old ball python. I've got a guy at work who wants him.  I asked him if his wife would be OK with a snake in the house, and he just said, "SHHHHH!!!  We'll talk about that later." 

Finally, I had some potatoes that were about to go bad, so I cut them up and made potato soup in my new Kitchen Kettle.  I'm tellin' ya, it was so nice to set the temperature and not have to worry about it boiling over or the bottom scorching or anything like that. 

I'm thinking that there kitchen kettle was a wise investment. 

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