Monday, April 28, 2014

The Whelming Flood

This has been another of those whelming flood days.

It started off normal enough.  Then the weather hit.  It was bad out there.

Really bad.

We had to go into the tornado shelter at work twice.  One coworker said, "If a tornado is coming, they need to let us go home."  No, hun, the last place you want to be in a tornado outbreak is on the road.  You're better off here.

Then I came home and turned on The Weather Channel.  Seems like every time I looked up, they were reporting another tornado on the ground.  Tupelo.  Vicksburg.  Brandon.  Columbus.  Yazoo City...

 I was starting to freak out just a bit and had to change the channel.

So far, all my friends who were in the path have reported in safe.  The watch has expired for Grenada County, so I'm about to head for bed and get rested up.  Because you know what?

We get to do this again tomorrow.

*The photos are of storm damage in Tupelo. 

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