Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Spring Weather

What with the warmer days and the lovely spring weather we've been having, I'm really itching to get my hands into some dirt.  I did get out this afternoon and try to get some of the dead stuff out of my wildflower bed.  I didn't do too much, though, because I didn't want to disturb any new plants that may have reseeded from last year. 

The plan is to get out there this weekend and start getting my other bed ready for planting.  I'm going to put marigolds, zinnias, and Lantanas on that side, and probably put my gerbera daisies in the middle.  I still just have the one, but I think I might get a couple more.

Look, it's getting a new bloom.  

 I need to get it into the ground, but there is still the possibility of a frost, or even a hard freeze.  What with the way this winter is hanging on, you can't ever tell.  Anyway, I need to wait and see if any of my purple coneflowers come back to see how many daisies I can plant there.

If the coneflowers don't come back, I don't think I'll try to replace them.  Where I've got them may just be too damp. 

I've also got to get my pots ready for my little bluebonnets.   I'm going to put them into planters, because the research I did on them says they don't do well in a heavy clay soil like we have here.

I was disappointed that only seven of the seeds I had planted germinated.  I think I might buy another packet and try to plant them, too. The Hill Country is in full bloom now, and it's making me kinda homesick.  

To quote my friend Dale, "Nothing says home like a field full of bluebonnets."

I was reading a blog earlier in which the author talked about going out and picking some wildflowers from behind her house.  She showed a photo of them, and they were bluebonnets.  I sure hope she picked them on her own private property, otherwise she broke state law. 

If I could remember whose blog I saw it on, I'd go back and tell her. 

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