Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Best Laid Plans

When I put in for my vacation day, the plan was to go to the Memphis Zoo and pet the stingrays.  I thought mid-April would be a good time to go.  It'd be warm, but not too hot.  I had no idea this would be the winter that never ends.  It just goes on and on my friends...

So, between the cold weather and the cold my chest caught, I thought the better part of valor would be to stay closer to home.

After staying in bed until I was ready to get up (not counting letting the dogs in and out fifty thousand times), I took Jimmy in to get his oil changed.  He was overdue on months, but still had a thousand left on miles.  While waiting, because it takes forever, I got a few more things for my flower beds.

Last night's cold snap didn't get quite as cold as they were predicting.  Nothing froze and there was no frost.  I don't think it'll get that cold again, so I decided to take a chance and plant my flowers.  I'm going to have quite a colorful bed this year.

I've got these dwarf African marigolds.

These are French Marigolds.

And my favorite Profusion Zinnias.

I was able to get a variety of colors this year, instead of just orange ones like I had last year.

I picked up two more Gerbera Daisies.  

For some reason, I was thinking I had six, but I only have five.  I left a spot to get another one.

So I can be symmetrical.  I've got to be symmetrical.

These are the things I couldn't think of the name of the other day.  They are Celosias.  

They are new to me also. 

I even managed to get mulch down over most of the bed. 

That was one full bag. I decided not to open the second bag until I was ready to spread the whole thing.  I didn't want any creepy crawlies finding their way into a partially filled bag of mulch.  As you can see, I have room to put a row of Lantanas in the back, if I can ever find some.

Wal-mart doesn't have any.  We've got the weekend off for Easter, so I'm thinking about going up to Lowe's and see if they have any in their garden center. Once I get them in, and the last daisy, then, and only then will I open the other bag of mulch. 

You know the neat thing that happened?  I hadn't even finished planting when the bees found the flowers.

That ought to make the beekeeper in the family happy.

Me?  I'm waiting on the butterflies and hummingbirds.

 They make me happy. 

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