Monday, March 03, 2014


I survived Icemageddon.  Yay, me!

Really, it wasn't bad here at all, though my friend Amy, whom you've met before, lost power for several hours.  There wasn't much ice here, even though my Jimmy had a good layer on him.  Funniest thing, the car doors were frozen shut.  The only one I could get to open was the back hatch.  I climbed inside and tried to open the driver's side door from the inside, but I couldn't.  I finally ended up pouring water (tap water --NOT hot, or you may crack your windows) over the door to melt the ice enough to get it opened.

Despite having no heat or defroster, I made it safely to work.  Good thing I only live 1 1/2 miles from the plant.

Well, like I said I was going to do, I ended up spending most of the weekend sitting in front of the TV and knitting.  I've gotten two rows completed on Kyle's blanket.

I stretched it out over my bed, which is a queen sized bed, and I do think it'll be big enough.

I spent the rest of Saturday tussling with my finances.  I have a little used bank account that I haven't reconciled since, like July, so I had to take care of that.  Then when I was paying bills, I noticed my house note had a past due amount on it for last month.  I knew I'd paid that bill, and looking back through my checkbook, I had indeed written the check.  Then, when I was reconciling that account, I saw that the money had been debited to my account.  So, I had to call customer service.  They insisted that the last payment they'd received had been for January,  and to prove it, I would have to print out my bank statement and a copy of the cancelled check and send it to them.  They did an electronic funds transfer, so there is no cancelled check.  I did print out my transaction history from the bank's website, and I hope that'll do them.

I got the sweetest little thank you notes from my nephews.  This one is from Andrew.

He drew a picture of me, and what appears to be a porcupine, surrounded by lots of hearts.  He's the sensitive one.

Nate drew what looks like Moose and her twin calves. 

Nate is the practical one.  He's also the oldest.   He is going to buy spy gear. 

This one is from Paul, the youngest.  He apparently has an affinity for alligators and sharks. 

Fighting ninjas.  Or is that me?  I'm not sure. 

I like this kid, Paul. 

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