Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Whiskers And Knitting On Wednesday

It seems winter isn't quite ready to give up just yet.  What with the chilly temperatures coming back for a bit, it seemed a good idea to pick up the blanket again. 

I'm starting on the third row of squares, and it's going a lot faster than the entrelac.  I like it better, too.

I'd taken a break from it for a few days and worked on this scarf.

The pattern is Trekking Is For Necking, and the yarn is Zauberball Crazy, on size four needles.  I also knit a few rows on this scarf. 

This is the One Row Scarf in a Snowflake Wool Blend yarn that Beverly bought on clearance.  She decided she didn't like it and gave it to me.  It's knitting up into a really nice scarf.

That's all I've been working on lately.  I'm determined to finish a few of my UFOs before casting on anything else.  One of these days, I'm going to drag them all out and photograph them.  I haven't yet, because I have so many it's a daunting prospect.

I've also challenged myself to go a whole year without buying yarn. Think I can do it?  The last time I bought yarn was in December, to finish up some Christmas gifts.  Now, since Hank's is closed, and Knit Picks is still on my naughty list, I think maybe I can.  The only exception I'll make is if I need more yarn for Kyle's blanket.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Squeaky says, "Yeah, right." 

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