Monday, March 10, 2014

Old Hymns

I was looking for my Baptist Hymnal the other day.

After frantically tearing up the entire house, I finally found it on the end table by the sofa.  Right where I'd left it.  Fancy that.

I found my hymnal and looked up the words to the hymn I'd been trying to remember.  As I was thumbing through, I started singing some of the great old hymns I'd grown up with.  The ones we seldom sing in church any more.

I decided to make a YouTube playlist of some of my favorites.  This has been a very frustrating endeavor.

So many of the professional singers feel the need to jazz up the hymns, which I don't want.  And I don't want videos that sound like congregational singing. I've had to make some compromises.  I've tried to pick the ones that sound professional, but aren't too terribly contemporized. 

I like this version of one of my favorite hymns,

but I'm open to suggestions.

1 comment:

Jenny Sanders said...

I had completely forgotten this one. My grandmother played the organ in church for nearly 50 years. I grew up watching her. Listening to this brought back sweet memories of her.


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