Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Chats On The Farmhouse Porch

But first, I gotta say we got a convert!  A football convert, that is. 

My friend at work told me last week she'd gotten invited to a Super Bowl party.  She didn't know anything about football, but she was going to that party.  Well, she came back to work today having taken a day off yesterday, and she talked about that game all day long.  And I do mean all day long.

She told me she was going to start watching football even though she still doesn't know anything about the game.  I recommended she read  A Sportscasters Guide To Watching Football, by Mark Oristano. 

Ignore the reviews by people complaining that the book is too basic.  Duh, it was written for people who don't know a down from a lineman.  And my friend doesn't.  She told me she didn't even know there was an offense and a defense.  This book explains it all.  In fact, I think I'm going to read in again myself. 

And now, let's chat. 

Everyday Ruralty

1.  What is your favorite time of day to read? If you don't enjoy reading, then what is your favorite time to watch TV/movies? 

My favorite time of day to read is in bed right before I go to sleep.  It helps me relax and put the day behind me.  I also like to read on my lunch break using my Kindle app on my phone.

2.  Did you watch the Super Bowl? If so, what was your favorite commercial? If you didn't watch it, what did you do Sunday night?

Yes, I watched.  I loved the God Made A Farmer, and the Welcome Home commercials.  I always love the Clydesdale commercials, but that's just because I like horses.  
3.  Have you been watching Downton Abbey?Who's your favorite character? If not, have you seen any interesting TV or movies series lately?

Oh yes, I love Downton Abby.  Favorite character has to be Lady Violet.  
4.  Do you enjoy home parties for selling items? (like Pampered Chef, Southern Living, Mary Kay) Please finish this sentence. 

NO!  I do not like people in my house.  

5.  If I work very hard, I can__________________. 

Clean out my closet, pay off my debts, finish all my knitting projects, and send my group leader Fernando into a parallel dimension.  But apparently I can't force choke him.  I've tried and tried.  Darth Vader makes it look so easy. 

That's it for this week's chat.  Be sure and heat on over to Patrice's blog to get in on the fun yourself. 


Patrice said...

I like the same commercials. I think the Dowager Countess, Violet, is an awesome character. The actress is SO good! I think you gave your co-worker some good advice. She'll enjoy it better in the future if she knows what's happening.Have a good week!

Kim said...

Violet is a riot! Yeah, I sometimes have "issues" with too many people in my house

Dreaming said...

I used to read on my lunch hour (when I had one!) - I liked that a lot as I often got bored.
Several of our answers were the same!

Dreaming said...

I used to read on my lunch hour (when I had one!) - I liked that a lot as I often got bored.
Several of our answers were the same!

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

i love my Kindle as well. just wonderful. but i so enjoy the ability to hold a good book & read for hours. there is nothing like it. have a great week. ( :


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