Monday, October 17, 2011

Where Does The Time Go?

Seems like it was just yesterday that my little 5th grader was bringing home the permission slip to take the band test.

"But I thought you wanted to play football."

"No, Mama.  I want to be in the band.  It's all I ever wanted to do."

Soon, he was bringing home his first little tuba, blatting away at it for hours on end.

Now, he is

First chair

Section leader


So, it is with pride, and just a touch of melancholy that I bring you

Cody's Very Last Band Night Ever. 

(I don't know why it's out of focus.  There is another home game Friday.  I'll try to get a better video then.)


Bag Blog said...

Very cool band! I'm way out of the know. Is the old wrap around tubas not the thang anymore?

Becky said...

I guess it depends on the school. I know a lot of them still use the Sousaphones, but ours has always used the tubas.

Patti said...

Woo hoo! Band geeks, er dudes rule!

Besides, music is way more important than football anyway... ;)


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