Monday, October 03, 2011

That Creaking Sound

That creaking sound you hear is all the fair weather fans jumping back off the Romo bandwagon.

 Last week, he was Da Man.  The Legend.  The Hero. The Demi-god of the NFL.

This week, he's back to being the worst to ever play the game.

Why? Because they lost. And of course, it's all his fault.

I mean, it's not like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning ever threw three picks in a single game, much less 4. Tony is the only one to ever do that.

And it's not like he had to throw the ball late in the game with a commanding lead because they can't run the ball effectively. No...

And it's not like Rob Ryan's vaunted defense completely disintegrated in the second half. 

And it's not like maybe the Lions are just good this year. 

No, it's all Tony's fault, and the same people who were crowning him with laurels last week are back to putting the hangman's noose around his neck this week.

Because that's what it means to be the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

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