Saturday, October 01, 2011

Road Trip!!!

So, my big plans for the weekend were to shampoo my carpet, because yes, one of the critters puked in the middle of my living room yet again.

But then Christi said, "Are you coming to Hernando for the Fiber to Fabric Fest?"  And just like that, my plans were changed. 

I went to Hernando, and Christi was there, and Amy was there,

Christi, Amy, and Me

and other people were there, and there was a llama


And there were alpacas



and goats

Pygora goat

and bunnies.

Angora Bunnies

People were spinning,

and weaving,


and felting hats.

 Needle Felting Hats

and beading.


This lady was doing traditional rug hooking, which isn't like latch hook.

 With one of her rugs

This one she was planning on donating back to the Desoto Arts Council.  She asked me, Amy, and Christi to add a few stitches to this rug, so that we would be a part of it.

Christi Hooking

And the Rug Lady

And yes, Amy is wearing Tiger ears.  We were keeping up with the LSU game on our phones, and I think people thought we were crazy, but that's OK, because we know we are. 

Once we were done having fun in Hernando, Christi decided to drive up to Hank's in Southaven.  I wasn't planning on going, but she put the hoo doo on me, and I went.  But I'll save that part of the trip for tomorrow.

I took more pictures than this.  If you want to see the rest, the album is here.

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