Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tiger Kind Of Day

It was a Tiger kind of day, when the LSU Tigers hosted the Auburn Tigers at Death Valley.  Auburn was supposed to present one of the bigger challenges LSU was to face this year.

It wasn't.  The game was so lopsided, it was almost boring.  Auburn's lone touchdown came with 2 minutes left in the game, and against LSU's backups.  Final score was 45-10, and they did it without Spencer Ware or the Honey Badger.  

Texas had a bye week, so that was pretty much it for football for me today.

That wasn't it for knitting.  I got the foot of my new house sock finished, the heel turned, and am now knitting away at the cuff.

It's just going to be plain, K2P2 rib, for however many inches I decide to make it.

Jake came to visit for a little while, so I put Jesse's food up onto the table so he wouldn't eat it.  I forgot about Squeaky.  Yeah...

The last few nights, I got cold enough that I brought my plants in from outside.  My Christmas cacti are absolutely covered in buds.  They ought to be really pretty here in a couple of weeks. 

Squeaky says, "I've got energy now. Let's get these fall decorations put out!"

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Bag Blog said...

It turned rather warm here after the cold front blew through. My plants are still outside. Nice sock.


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