Monday, October 10, 2011


Jesse's trail of destruction continues.

This morning, while I was eating breakfast in the snake room because it's warm in the snake room, I heard a thumping and a bumping.

"I wonder what Jesse done got into now," I asked myself.

I went into the living room to check, and to my horror, I found this:

That is a sock I started a while back, before I started on Christmas gifts. Fortunately, I had only gotten the toe done. I'll probably rip the whole thing back and re-wind the yarn.

Even worse, was this:

Aughhhh!!! My darning egg!

Not that I'd ever used it to actually --um-- darn anything, but it's the principle!

The people from the pound estimated him to be about 2 years old, but honestly, I think he's a bit younger than that. He's still got too much puppy in him. OH, he's a good dog, he just needs to learn some manners.

We have had a bit of a breakthrough, though. For the last week or so, I've been able to walk him and Rylea at the same time in the mornings. That sure makes it easier than having to walk them one at a time.


Bag Blog said...

I can see how a ball of yarn could be mistaken for a chew toy. It can happen.

Patti said...

Doesn't he have chew toys of his own that he can be directed to instead? Rawhide bone or pig ear or flossie or even a squeaky toy?

Becky said...

Oh, he's got plenty of chew toys. He just seems to prefer my yarn.


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