Friday, April 01, 2011

In Which

Your Normally Stoic Blogger Jumps Up And Says, "Squeeee!"

And why does said normally stoic blogger give in to such displays of emotion?  Because look what came in the mail:

This is Wendy D. Johnson's second sock book, which I've been wanting for a while.  It has some lovely patterns in it.  Best of all, it was a gift from Kat.

You remember Kat.  We met her in Southaven last December.  She is an Arkansas fan, but we don't hold that against her.  Do we Amy?  Anyway, Kat had somehow ended up with two copies of the book, so she just up and sent me one of them!  How cool is that?  I tell you, knitters are the best and most generous people on the face of the earth!

The only problem is, most of the socks in this book --and in Wendy's first one-- need to be knit in solid color yarns.  I am woefully bereft of solid color sock yarn.  Which means I need to buy some, so I can knit these lovely socks.

Good thing it doesn't count as stash.

It doesn't, does it?

On the other hand, the second Monkey has been cast on. 

This is not so much a case of Second Sock Syndrome as 10 hour work day syndrome.  Kind of a bummer how much work sucks the life out of you. And yes, I do have to work tomorrow, too.  But I've got some new movies from Netflix, so I plan on vegging out in front of the TV after work.

Wanna hear something sad?  Someone asked me out for tomorrow night.  I haven't had a date in years, and I got asked out.  But, I had to decline, because I'm just too bone weary to go.  Actually, he wanted to come to my house --with pizza-- and watch The Hurt Locker with me, but I can't relax when someone is in my house.  I want to put on my flannel nightie and just chill.  I can't do that with him here.  So, I suggested we go out for pizza one day.  I'm thinking the Sunday buffet after church.  That'd suit me much better.

Remember yesterday when I told you some people were hunting down my dirt road?  Well, it turns out they weren't hunting at all.  They were holding retriever trials.  Here, in our podunk town in the middle of nowhere, down the dirt road I walk my dog every day, retriever trials.  Pretty cool, huh?

Before I leave you for tonight, I though I'd show you what I had for supper.  Lunch meat, cheese, and grapes. 

Let's see you married folks get away with that! Bwahahahahaha!!!

It's OK.  I'm alright, now.

I think. 



Sus said...

Um, hate to burst your bubble, friend, but I had a granola bar and some almonds for dinner and Gator had Raisin Bran. Pppbbbfffttt. ;)

Yay for Kat and extra copies of books!! And no, sock yarn doesn't count as stash. It also doesn't count as a real yarn purchase. You're completely safe.

Kristen said...

I don't think I had anything for dinner. We went grocery shopping, which is pure torture for my son and I.

So glad you have the book. Kat is great. I want to do the Rosewood socks eventually, and the Sanquahar socks. As well as the Norwegian Rose KAL. Still working on the Sleepy Hollow socks from Unlike sweaters and other knitted items, I'm a little anal about only working on one pair at a time. Guess it stems from having one pair neglected OTN for five years. Had to finish that pair before I started any others. I have a gazillion sweaters OTN.

Kristen said...

Oh, yeah, and I bought some Madelintosh when I went shopping at for the Shibui. It's in colorway Wicked. I think I want to use it for some Monkey socks. Or maybe the mmmm Malibrigo in Eggplant. No, I think the Tosh. It's more of a brown, which is monkey colored. Oh, for more weekends.

Sure hope I'm getting a tax refund, cuz my yarn spending got out of hand. Somehow it counts on my visa!

Becky said...

Mom! Sus is picking on me again!

Kristen, I like some of those socks, but I'm just not so much into colorwork.

Wait, sock yarn counts on the Visa???? So that's what all those charges were! And here I was getting mad at the Visa company!


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