Saturday, April 23, 2011

Squishing Easter

I was driving to work yesterday morning, when I came around a curve and there in the road was a little bunny rabbit. I stopped and waited for him to hop on across the road and reach the safety of the bushes on the other side, because you know, rabbits are kind of spastic. You might think they've hopped out of the way, then they'll turn and dart right back in front of you.

I've had many a heart seizure from this happening.

Anyway, I waited for him to hop all the way across, and was thankful that I was the only car on the road at that ungodly hour of 5:45 AM. Somebody else might have squished him and not even given it a second thought.

Then the thought hit me. Whoa!

What if that was the Easter Bunny? 

I'm so glad I didn't squish him.  I'd have hated to be responsible for millions of children going without candy on Easter morning.

All right, then...

While I was walking the dog this afternoon, I ran across some mighty strange tracks.  They looked like Procompsognathus tracks.   I took a photo with my phone, but haven't yet figured out how to get it from my phone to my computer.  I tried to post it to Facebook as a message, but it hasn't shown up yet.  Maybe it will, soon. 

In better news, I got one of my credit cards paid off, so what did I do? I loaded it back up again. I finally broke down and ordered myself a Kindle. I'd been wanting one for a while, now, and decided I'd just go ahead and get one.  Then I went on to the Amazon website and put a whole bunch of free e-books in my basket.  And I made a Kindle specific wish list of books to buy. 

Last night I cast the Roundabout hat back on with an additional 8 stitches. It fits much better now. I have just about made it to the crown decreases, which I still have to figure how how to do so that I can maintain the pattern as long as possible.

But I'll do that tomorrow. Now it's time to go curl up with a creepy murder mystery--right before bed. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to sleep alone. Yeah, why do I do this to myself?

The world may never know.

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