Sunday, April 10, 2011

It Was On A Sunday

This day did not start off well.

Well, it really started yesterday, or last night, as it were.  Somehow, a red wasp managed to get into the bed with me.  Stupid thing stung me three times before I could kill it.  As luck would have it, red wasps are one of the things that, yes, I am allergic to.

People often ask me what all I'm allergic to, and I usually respond, "Does it exist?  Then there's a good chance I'm allergic to it."

Red wasps exist.  Therefore I am allergic.  I immediately got up and took two Benadryl to lessen any reaction I might have, but I still stayed awake for an hour or so, just to make sure I wouldn't go anaphylactic. 

I never have before, but there's always a first time.

Once I was pretty sure I wouldn't die, I went on back to sleep, for a few hours at least.  I got up this morning and went to church with a Benadryl hangover.  The sermon was good -- I think.  I'm not entirely sure. 

Once the Benadryl wore off, I started experiencing allergy symptoms.  In the case of red wasps, it feels like I have the flu.  Achy, tired, no energy, and nausea, in addition to localized whelping and itching.

Note:  It is surprisingly difficult to take a photo of the inside of one's arm. And no, that is not a wedding ring. 

After church, I spent the rest of the day watching the three Narnia movies and knitting.  I got through chart B of the Arwen wrap,

and past the gusset decreases on Monkey sock #2.

Three more pattern repeats, and I'll be ready for the toe decreases. 

James came over and nailed my shingles back down, which made Rylea very nervous.  She ended up hiding behind the chair until he was done. But those shingles won't come loose again.

And now, the second dose of Benadryl is kicking in, so I'd better go lay down before I get too loopy. 

Bye, now.


Dale said...

Ouch! Glad you're doing better!

Becky said...

Thanks, Dale. They are better, but still itching like crazy!

Sus said...

omg, I think the sheer adrenaline rush of finding a wasp in my bed would make me sick! And unable to sleep for days! I try not to hate anything, but stinging insects make it really hard sometimes. I hope you feel better soon!!!

Becky said...

Sus, I know what you mean. I was very nervous getting into bed last night. And I'm still trying to avoid it tonight.


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