Monday, April 04, 2011

G Is For

well, the plan was to go down and take a photo of Grenada Lake, but as it has been storming since noon, I had to settle for plan B.  And plan B means that G is for

A Group Of Grapes.

A Group of Green Grapes, at that.

It came from an old Peanuts cartoon, in which Linus asks Lucy if she took his group of grapes.  She corrects him, even as she is scarfing down every last grape.  I've said "group of grapes" ever since. 

Funny the things that can be a lifelong influence...

1 comment:

Lorri said...

"Group of grapes" - that's cute. Your picture is yummy, now I've got to go get me some grapes. Preferably a group.


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