Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Beginnings

I've always found the term new beginnings to be just a bit redundant. Aren't all beginnings new? Isn't the very definition of beginning to start something new, or when something new started?  Uh, moving right along...

So, you know I was planning on doing Wendy Johnson's Cable and Lace socks next. I tried to cast on earlier this week, but couldn't wrap my brain around a cast-on that I've done a gajillion times. Well, today, I was determined to get them cast on...

So, what did I do instead? I cast on another hat. Yeah.

This is a variation of the Roundabout Sock pattern, knit in Scarlet Fleece painted marino, color Favorite Jeans. 

OK, now before I head off to check myself into hat knitter's rehab, let me just show you that I did indeed get the socks cast on.

It still took me three tries to get the stupid cast on, but I persevered.  I may rip it out and do it again even now.  Her pattern has me casting on a total of 34 stitches--17 on each side, instep and sole.  (She writes her patterns for 2 circs, a method I despise and will never use again.  I'm adapting it to DPNs.)  When I knit socks cuff down, I usually decrease to 24 stitches, or 12 per needle.  This may make the toe just a bit too blunt for my foot, but we shall see. 

Oh, the yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Indian Summer. 


Kristen said...

Love the hat! Gorgeous color!!! Also really like the color in the socks. Maybe you could cast on 24 and increase up to 34? I'm casting on another Sleepy Hollow sock. Just have to get one more in before I try the Norwegian Rose.

Becky said...



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