Sunday, February 27, 2011

Have You Ever

Have you ever sat down to blog, and the words just won't come? Yep, that's where I am today. So, you just get to look at some pictures.

This is my Second Breakfast.  See, no matter how much I eat, I always end up getting hungry during church.  This morning, I tried to stave off such hunger by eating a second breakfast shortly before leaving the house.  These are my home made biscuits with my sister's home made blueberry jam.  They were good, but I still got hungry in church. 

The Cherry Chip hat.  I wet the ribbing down and bunched it in some, so it's not as loose.  I've got plenty of yarn left, and will probably do another hat with it.  I want to figure out a slouchy hat, since those seem to be in fashion these days.  Next hat, I will do the ribbing on size 3 needles. 

We went from snow on the ground two weeks ago, to plum blossoms today. 

I first noticed them this afternoon, but they probably have been blooming a couple of days now.

Right now only two trees are blooming.

But the rest have buds on them.  So do the pear trees. 

Rylea loves pears. 

And I love daffodils.  Except that daffodils mean spring is coming. And spring means summer will soon be here.  I hate summer.  To me, summer means endless, crippling, unrelenting heat, an acid that you can't wipe away.

Sheesh, I'm ready for fall already! 



Tabitha said...

Becky, I have found that if I eat a breakfast with a lot of protein, I am less likely to be starving before church is over. If I eat a high carb breakfast, even with healthy whole grain carbs, I will be starving. So I make it a point to have at least one high quality protein for my breakfast.

Sus said...

I just love that hat. How cheerful!! And I totally hear you about summer -- I dread it coming and can't wait for it to leave!

Also, Mmmmm, biscuits...

Becky said...

I've tried eating sausage or bacon, but then I end up burping it up all during church!

Sus, thanks. Yeah, it's hot already down here.

Kristen said...

I do oatmeal with raisins, wheat germ on top, whole milk, and a glass of OJ every morning, for the past ten years or more. But I'm a high carb/low protein hypoglycemic. Works for me, but not everyone. My co-worker is on a blood type diet.

And those biscuits, with homemade jelly! Wow!!!!! Jealous.

Becky said...

I love oatmeal, but not raisins. I usually eat maple and brown sugar flavor.


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