Friday, February 04, 2011

The Last Christmas Present.

It's finally here!

Now, those of you who can actually remember stuff may recall I'd written about how my cousins had built me a new set of back steps for my birthday/Christmas present, so I wasn't really expecting anything else from them.  However, Beverly had called me and said she'd ordered me something else, so I'd have something under the tree to open on Christmas morning.  (I've included the link for those of you with memories like mine.)

It didn't get here in time.

Turns out it had been backordered, and just arrived today.  James brought it over this evening, and I was totally surprised to open it up and find this inside:

Yes, that is what you think it is.  It is a Snuggie in Dallas Cowboys colors!  Close up shot:

Now, despite the somewhat disturbing commercials, the Snuggie is actually a brilliant idea.  A blanket with's a wonder someone didn't think of it sooner.

This one folds up into a neat little pillow   

which goes very well with my birthday present.  That is, my Dallas Cowboys comforter. 

Note:  There will be matching sheets and pillow shams at some point in the future.

Slightly funny story:  When I was in the Navy, one of my room mates got married.  She was picking out stuff for their new apartment, and had brought a catalog into our barracks room.  The ex was in there, and she showed him the bedspread she wanted to buy.  It was all pink and flowery and lacy and stuff.  She'd said her husband had told her he wouldn't sleep under something that looks like that, and she asked the ex what he thought.  Of course, the ex agreed with her hubby.  He emphatically said he wouldn't sleep under anything with flowers and junk on it.

Later, he told me that he didn't mean that.  He just had to stick up for his fellow man and Marine.  He said it didn't matter what was on the bed, as long as I was in the bed with him.  

Note to any potential future spouses out there:  any man that sleeps in the bed with me is going to have to sleep under a Dallas Cowboys comforter, on Dallas Cowboys sheets, and next to a wife wearing Dallas Cowboys pajamas.  If you have a problem with that, then just keep on walking.

Felix says, "My name is Felix, and I approve this Snuggie."


Robin said...

VERY nice!!!!

Sus said...

...and a real man would only quibble about the pajamas part. Hee!

Do your family members know you, or what? How perfect! And, yes, I admit that the Snuggie is actually a very useful thing -- except for the "hospial gown" aspect of it. I think I would never tire of making jokes about that. :) (And yes I understand why, and how it's not for walking around and all, but still pretty funny, I think.)

I do really love how that one folds up into a pillow with just the star logo. That's pretty cool.

Becky said...

Thanks Robin.

Sus, perhaps I should have said, "Wearing Dallas Cowboys pajamas SOME of the time."

Patti said...

LOL, you have really got it BAD for Da Boyz!

That teddy bear looks familiar; did he come with Gregory Jason to stay with me whilst you were in the Navy?

Becky said...

No, I didn't get Felix until after I'd gotten out. The one who came to stay with you is Bennie. He's still around here somewhere. So is Gregory Jason.

Kristen said...

I love how that Snuggie folds up! The bed looks great. A real man wouldn't notice anything but the woman.

Becky said...

Thanks, Kristen.


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