Wednesday, February 23, 2011

D Is For

Well, if C was for cat, then you knew D had to be for


Yep, this is my Rylea. She is 4 years old and had less than a day left to live when I got her. I posted about it back then.  The vet said to her, "Your life just got a whole lot better."  Boy was he right.

I guess you could say, she now leads the life of Rylea. 


Sus said...

Oh my gosh, I forgotten how *little* she was when you got her! I see that I suggested the name Lucky for her but I really like the name you picked for her much better. Her *name* is Rylea; she simply *is* lucky. :)

Becky said...

Yes, she was sooo tiny! I'd forgotten about your name suggestion, too. Her name came from one of my co-workers grandkids, Riley. She was talking about the baby one day, and I thought "Rylea! It's perfect!" The spelling I came up with myself.

Lorri said...

Living the life of Rylea! LOL!! My dad always told me I was living the life of Riley. I never knew what he meant until I was an adult and looked it up.

Becky said...

Thanks, Lorri. Yes, she is rather spoiled.


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