Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Here We Go Again

Yep, it's snowing again.

I do declare, I haven't seen this much snow since I spent the winter in Navy ET A School in Great Lakes, Illinois! And to think, I wanted to go to Antarctica! Not only did I want to go, I wanted to winter over. What was I thinking?

Of course, I was 20 years younger then. I wanted to do a lot when I was 20 years younger that I wouldn't dream of doing now. Wintering over in Antarctica is one of them.

Still, if I had the chance....

Not many people can say that they've been to Antarctica. Even fewer can say that they've wintered over. It'd would have been nice to be counted among that number.

It would have been nice if I could have taken gymnastics as a child, too, but that didn't happen either.

So, I decided I'd be smart and sweep the snow off the back steps.

Didn't make a hill of beans of difference.  An hour later, they were covered again, and the snow is still coming down.

We've got a half day tomorrow at work. We don't have to go in until 11:00. I'm leaving early, too, because I have a dental appointment. I lost a filling Sunday. I felt something hard in my chili, and at first I thought that whoever had processed that deer had left a bit of bone in it. But when I ate my bowl of Super Bowl ice cream, and felt the pain shoot all the way up into my eyeball, that's when I realized it wasn't a bone. So, I'm going to get it replaced tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, the roads will be clear enough that he won't cancel my appointment.

In the meantime, I has new yarns to play with.

These are all Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome Select from their closeout page. The colorways are Quarry Hill, Winterberry, Sugar Maple, and Old Rose.  The best part is, I got my taxes back today and can go buy more! 

Well, the taxes were deposited into my account two days ago.  I guess I ought to check that e-mail more often, huh?

Squeaky says, "I got a fuzzy blankie.  Bring on the snow!"

Stay warm, friends!


Sus said...

Isn't it a joy when the snow keeps coming and undoes all your work? That was most of last week for us. And part of this week. Sigh. Love your bright and cheery yarn, though! Pretty!

Becky said...

I'm just glad we didn't get the ice that usually accompanies snow storms down here. It was just snow, and easy to sweep.

Kristen said...

I would love to get that kind of snow... alas, I got an avalanche. I love love love those colors!

Becky said...

Shhhh! I ordered more with my tax return! Sock yarn doesn't count, right?


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