Thursday, February 10, 2011

Did You Know

that they have football shaped Oreos?

Yep, it's true.  I have evidence.

And they really do look like footballs.

Unfortunately, the evidence is rapidly disappearing.  Good thing I took pictures.

Look who else followed me home from the store.

I hadn't intended to buy him.  I was looking for those little bags to put cookies and candy and stuff in.  See, Vanessa and I are going to make up Valentine's Day bags for T.K. and The Other Rod --not to be confused with Former Group Leader Rod.  I'm going to make cookies, and Vanessa is going to get some candy.   The Other Rod likes chocolate chip cookies, and TK likes peanut butter cookies, which means I'll have to make a batch of each.  Then, I'll have to make another batch of peanut butter, because Former Group Leader Rod will have a fit if I bring cookies for TK and not have enough for him.  I've never seen the like the way that man loves cookies. 

So, I was looking for the little treat bags and wandered down the Valentine's Day stuff aisle.  I hadn't intended to buy the little bear, but when I picked him up, he was just so soft and squishy that I couldn't put him down again. 

I had to reschedule my dentist appointment.  Strangely enough, I saw Dr. Moody in the store, and he told me that he could have done it, but his crew didn't make it in.  He said that one of his assistants called him and said that her husband had told her that if Dr. Moody wanted her to come to work, then he could drive out and get her.  So, we're rescheduled until Monday at 2 PM, which means I'll have to leave work early.

I ain't complainin....

Finally, a few more snow photos.

And I have a feeling this won't be the last snow we get this year, either.

I think the North moved South for the winter.


Sus said...

Football oreos! It's like they had a meeting and said, "How can we get Becky to buy some Oreos?" I think they succeeded! :)

I think winter is just getting fat and gobbling up the entire continent. Or something.

Becky said...

Now, if only they made Oreos in the shape of the Dallas Cowboys Star...


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