Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Rare Day Off

Animals just don't understand sleeping in.

We were supposed to have to work today, but they gave us a rare day off. We weren't going to get our steel shipment in on time, so we really wouldn't have been able to get anything done anyway. The way it was explained to me was, our suppliers didn't expect us to be this busy this early in the year, so they are having trouble getting our orders filled. Not just steel, but everything. So we didn't have to work.

But my faithful alarm dog went off at 4 AM just like every day. I got up and let her out. Then I got back up and let her back in. Then I got back up and fed the cat, who was expecting her breakfast at the usual 4:30 AM. On the way back to bed --again-- I had the delightful experience of stepping in a previously unseen pile of cat puke. Lovely way to start the day. I finally made it back to bed, and caught about another hour of sleep before I was up for the day at 6.

You know it's sad when you consider 6 AM as sleeping in.

Anyway, I finished the Cherry Chip hat.

And got it washed and blocked.

After further consideration, I probably should have done the ribbing on a size 3 needle, since it's a bit looser than I like it. Otherwise I love it. The fabric is rather lightweight, which is what I wanted. This hat will be good for chilly spring days, rather than freeze your *** off winter days.

Once the hat was done, I decided to go shopping in Greenwood.  We used to go there a lot, but for some reason, just quit going.  I hadn't been to Greenwood in ages.  I really hate shopping for clothes, but my wardrobe has reached the critical point, so off I went.

It's very frustrating to me, since I'm too old for the teenage *** look, but I'm not quite ready for Mammaw's cotton house dress either.  Nevertheless, I persevered, and managed to score some cute tops. I got this one at Cato.

and these two at J.C. Penney. 

I still didn't find a dress for church, but I can wear these tops with my blue jean skirt, at least until I find something. Oh, and I did get another pair of shorts, but they're plain and boring. Just the way I like them.

Once again, I struck out in the shoe department. I did score at Wal-Mart, though. See, a while ago, I decided to replace all my bath towels, since they are getting a bit bedraggled. I'd only bought one when Wal-mart quit carrying the ones I liked. But the Greenwood Wal-mart still had a few left, and on clearance at 50% off! Woo hoo!

Wow, I must really lead a dull life if I get so excited over new bath towels...

But here is something to get excited about:

Yep, the first season of The Big Bang Theory. This has got to be the funniest show since WKRP in Cincinnati. The Wal-mart here has seasons 2 & 3, but doesn't carry season one any more.  I love this show, and find it only slightly disturbing that I get all of Sheldon's jokes.


My final stop of the day was at Big Lots closeout store. I didn't buy anything, but I found a wonderful couch there. Soft and comfy and only $299! I promise you if I'd had a way to tote it back home, I'd have bought it right then and there.

And would have dared the dog to get on it.

And the dog would have ignored me, as usual. So, I guess it worked out for the best.

Dumb dog...

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