Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Tragedy

I was going to  write this post last night, but my computer was being so annoying that I just said to heck with it and went to bed.  I took the day off yesterday so that I could watch the ball game Sunday night without sitting there thinking the whole time about how tired I would be when I went back to work.  Oh, and it was nice.  I actually slept until 8:30 AM, which when you've been getting up at 4:15 was absolute Heaven!  Well, I did get up and let the dog out, but went right back to bed.

I didn't do much of anything, but somehow, my day went by way too quickly.  I did get a certain package mailed off, though, and got my checking accounts reconciled.  Some of them I hadn't done since April.  The problem is, I hate the program I have.  I used to use one called Money Matters Basic, and I loved it.  It was very simple, easy, and just right for a single person who basically just needs a check register.  However, when I got my new computer (like 5 years ago now), that program wouldn't work with Windows XP.  When I went to the site to see if they had an upgrade, they had stopped making that program.  The simplest program they had is one called Money Map.  I hate it.  It is slow.  It is cumbersome.  It is annoying.  I have to click like 50 different popups just to do the simplest of transactions.  OK, so I exaggerate, but it seems that way sometimes.  All this is to say that I find it  very easy to procrastinate doing my checkbook because of how annoying this program is.  Yet, I don't want to spend the money to buy a new one right now.

Speaking of, I got the bill for the balance of my oral surgery.  It wasn't as much as I thought it would be.  It was less than $300.  It would have been even less than that, but they billed my insurance company three times, then charged me rebilling fees for each of them.  If they had just called me, I could have told them that I'd already used up my insurance for the year and that I'd just have to pay the balance myself.  I started not to pay the fees, but it was only $2, so I didn't quibble.  I've still got to get a crown, then a bridge.  I'm going to go ahead and get the crown, but I'm going to wait until my insurance starts over at the beginning of the year to do the bridge. 

I get back to work this morning, which didn't thrill me and I find out I missed some excitement.  My coworker told me she saw our shift supervisor "and them" (though I'm not exactly sure who them is in this case) running full out towards the shipping department.  A few minutes later, they came back and told her a truck driver had died back there.  We're not sure what happened, but we're *guessing* it was a heart attack, because he was very, very overweight. He was in his truck and my coworker told me he was so big, they had to use a forklift to get him out.  She didn't know who the guy was, though. 

If you've a mind, say a quick prayer for his family. 

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Sus said...

That's so sad. I wish his family peace.


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