Friday, August 20, 2010

Golf Clubs and Cats

Yesterday I went in for my semi annual dental checkup and cleaning.  While I was there, the hygienist was telling me about an incident that happened at the public school.  Seems a boy called another boy a name.  The second boy went and got a golf club out of his car and hit the first boy with it.  She said the second kid was suspended for the rest of the year--which is good.  However, she is worried that his parents will put him into the private school, where her son attends, and that the private school will take him.

I don't blame her for being worried, though her son will likely never see the kid.  Her boy is in second grade, and the other kid is in 10th, but still.  I know this kid.  He's only a year behind Cody, though I think they are the same age.  They were on the same baseball team one year.  This kid was born when his parents were older, and his siblings are much older than he is.  But his mother in particular thinks the sun rises and sets in him.  She thinks she is the "stuff", too.  He is spoiled rotten and mean as fire.

The hygienist thinks that maybe this will wake the parents up, but I don't think so.  They will blame the other boy, the school, George Bush--anyone but their precious little darling.  The sad part is, when this kid gets out into the real world, he's going to be in for a rude awakening.

I have started on my Conwy sock, but haven't gotten very far with it.  The neighbor's dog has been coming to visit me every evening, and I can't work on it while he's here.  I feel sorry for the poor dog.  Tonight when I put him out the door, I had to do just that.  He didn't want to leave, and actually fought me when I put him outside.  But, I'm ready to go to bed, and he couldn't stay.

Poor Rylea is just a bit overwhelmed by him.  When he's here, she spends most of the time hiding behind the recliner.  He's just too hyper for her.  I've told the neighbors that when it cools off enough to start walking Rylea again, I'd take him with us.

This weekend is pet adoption weekend at Petco.  I'm seriously considering driving up and seeing what they have.  Rylea keeps trying --albeit unsuccessfully--to get the cat to play with her.  It just ain't going to happen.

Squeaky says, "I'm much too dignified to play with a dog."


Sus said...

Poor Rylea. Sometimes it's just hard to find a compatible playmate. I can't wait to find out if you've decided to add to your family!

Becky said...

Yeah, she's pretty mellow, and the neighbor's dog is pretty hyper. I didn't get a dog this weekend, but hopefully, soon I'll find the right one.


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