Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Do You Ever Wish

you could crawl through the computer lines and slap the holy Hades out of someone who desperately needs it?


So, I saw where Brett Favre supposedly is going to retire again. I have a lot of friends who like football, and some of them had already commented on it in their Facebook statuses. Wanting to strike up a conversation with my football loving friends, I posted the following:

So Brett Farve is retiring--again. Wonder how long that will last?

The very first comment was somebody sneering, "Who cares?" Well, obviously I care, you dolt, or I wouldn't have posted about it. It really ticked me off, but I didn't say anything about it. Maybe I should have commented, but I didn't.

Several of my football friends joined the conversation, and we were chatting merrily away--through the comments--when someone else posts:

----and we care because?---

Well, that was just too much.  I responded, "We care because we care.  Just because YOU aren't interested in something doesn't mean the rest of us can't be."  I mean, sheesh.  If you don't care about the topic we are discussing, then stay out of the flippin conversation!!!!!  Just leave us to our chatting and mind your own business!  What?  Do you really think that the whole world should totally eliminate everything you are not interested in?  She did the same type of thing a few months ago when we were all talking about the Lost season finale.  She lost --he he, get it?  Lost? --no opportunity to remind us that she had never watched the show and wasn't the least bit interested in the finale.  So what?  If you aren't interested then stop butting into our conversations!  I finally, after reading the 298th comment about her not being interested in the show, pointed out to her that a lot of us were interested and were looking forward to watching the show.  If she weren't interested, no one was forcing her to join into these conversations.  Some people just don't seem to understand that it's OK for people to be interested in different things.

I liken Facebook to a city park type of environment.  When you go there, there will be all sorts of people having all sorts of conversations.  Some people on this bench may be discussing politics, others may be in a corner playing games, and still others will be talking about sports.  You will hear these conversations while walking through the park, but that doesn't mean you have to jump into all of them.  Especially if it's a conversation that you aren't that interested in.  Just keep walking and let those people carry on with their chatting.  And you certainly don't have the right to *** into the middle of someone's conversation and demand that they cease and desist just because their topic doesn't interest you.  Just move along...move along. Mind your own business and move along.

I suppose you can tell I'm a little steamed. 

Just for the record, Cowboy fans should care about this.  Or have you forgotten that they play the Vikings in October, in Minnesota.  That game will be a whole lot tougher with Brett Favre at the helm than with Tavaris Jackson leading the team.  Plus, it was BRETT FAVRE who scored that last second touchdown even though they had a 20 something point lead, childishly rubbing the Cowboys noses in it.  I'm sure there are a few Cowboy defenders *cough* Keith Brooking *Cough* who just can't wait to get up there and plant his face in the turf a few times for that. I'm looking forward to that game, too, but I'd rather see Jackson as QB than Favre.

Either way, I'm not going to base what I post in my status upon whether this person or that person will approve of it.  I will post what I post, and if you don't like it, just move along...move along.

Mind your own business and move along.

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