Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday Night

posted Saturday morning...

This weekend is supposed to be an adoption fair up at Petco.  I'd originally planned on going and finding myself another dog, but now I'm rethinking that plan.  Why?  Well, the neighbor's dog came over again and stayed until I shoved him out the door so I could go to bed.  It's almost like I have two dogs already.  Maybe I'll wait awhile -- at least until the neighbor's dog learns some manners.  I'm still working on that. 

They'll have more adoption days.  I just need to figure out what to do with this other dog.

Now, some of you may be wondering why I don't just go down to my local pound and find a dog.  Well, I check there from time to time, but it seems that all they ever have is pit bulls and pit bull mixes.  Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the breed, other than that I am just not all that fond of the real blocky, chunky breeds of dogs.  They are a good breed of dog that has been given a bad reputation by irresponsible owners.   

Ah, but the real reason I wouldn't want a pit bull is that city ordinance makes it so difficult to keep one.  They have to be kept on a chain and inside a fence at all times.  You can't even let them loose to run in the back yard.  If you take them outside the yard, they have to be kept on a chain leash and muzzled. All this was brought about by a combination of irrational fears, which are fed by the actions of irresponsible owners. 

Pit bulls were bred to fight, but that doesn't mean they are vicious, mindless killers. They can be calm, well adjusted, sweet natured dogs if just given the discipline and leadership they need.  Sometimes, I think people just want to be afraid of something. 

Before pit bulls, it was Rottweilers, and before that, Dobermans, and before that German Shepherds.  My daddy once told me that a German Shepherd is nothing more than a tame wolf.  Technically, he was right, since all dogs are just domesticated wolves.  Yes, even the fluffy Shih Tsu and the tiny Chihuahua are the same species as the wolf.  They are all canis Lupus.

Some people like to point to the existence of dogs as proof of evolution.  But truth is, dogs came about--dogs were designed by an intelligent higher being:  humans.  Without the intervention of humans, dogs would not even exist at all.  And without human control,  the different dog breeds would not remain pure.   A Pekingese does not think, "I must keep my breed pure.  I'm only going to breed with other Pekingeses."  On the contrary, a Pekingese will breed with whatever is in heat, as will a Labrador, or a Dalmatian.    It is only through the careful monitoring of an outside force that the dog breeds remain pure.  Left to their own devices, different breeds of dogs will mix and mingle, and left to their own devices long enough, they will return to their wild form. 

Now that I've thought about it, I don't think I'll get another dog any time soon.  They'll have more adoption days. 

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StephieKnits said...

That makes sense to wait for now.


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