Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Forgot The Title

I bought these cute little sandals yesterday at Wal-mart. 

They were on clearance, marked down to $7.00.  I love these Earth Spirit shoes.  I've worn them for years, and they don't wear out.  Well, I haven't gotten a pair to wear out yet. 

The sky started off looking like this

It cleared off for a few minutes,

 but then clouded up again, and even rained for a bit.  It never stayed clear enough for me to feel comfortable taking the dogs for their walk, so this is how Rylea spent most of her day, sleeping on my knitting bag.

While I watched movies via Netflix and worked on the Family Blankie.

The knuckleheaded thing I did was to get up early and watch the last episode of Northern Exposure, so I could send the disc back today, but I forgot to put it out in the mailbox.  So, I thought I'd run into town and put it in at the post office, but never got around to it.  Eh, I guess it'll just have to go out Monday. 

**Note: Yes I did publish this post without a title. I didn't realize it until Sunday night, so I retro-titled it.

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