Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Blood

A couple of years ago, someone once told me that you just don't see any blood in professional football. You see blood in hockey, but not football. Ironically enough, the first thing I see when I logged into NFL.com that day, was a photo of a very bloody Jeff Garcia.

Perusing the remainder of the photo galleries from that week, I saw many, many photos of bloody football players--none quite as bloody as Garcia, but bloody nonetheless. It was my intention to write a blog post highlighting the incidents of blood from just that week. Naturally, I procrastinated, and the post never got written.

Monday night, the New York Jets and the New York Giants faced off in the inaugural game of their new shared stadium.  It's still preseason, but both teams wanted to claim the first victory in the  New Meadowlands.  Though the Giants went on to win the game, it was the Jets who drew First Blood.

Yeah. There is plenty of blood in football.  You just have to actually watch football to see it.

I got a feeling it's gonna be a good year.

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