Friday, August 06, 2010

Crafty People

Throughout the years, I've done various crafty things from time to time.  I started off with crochet and embroidery, because those are what my mother taught me.  I've done ceramics with my aunt.  I've done cross stitch, and plastic canvas needlepoint.  I've painted things.  I've even done tatting and sewing.  Oh, and yes, I knit, too.  All kinds of crafts just seem to come natural to me.  I pick them up pretty easily.  There has only been one that has eluded me...

I've always thought scrapbooking was cool.  I loved to look at the cute little pages, so well designed and put together.  So, one year, I bought some supplies and tried doing some pages myself. To my dismay, I discovered that this was the one thing I just don't have the talent for.  Not only could I not design pages, I just didn't have the heart for it.  I lost interest pretty quickly. 

I suspect that there are lots of people out there like me.  Lots of people who think scrapbooking is cool, but can't seem to design a page that doesn't look like a kindergartner playing with construction paper and crayons.  If you're one of those people, never fear.  Help is on the way.

My cousin Ashlee has started a cottage industry--doing scrapbook pages.  She is listed on e-bay and Etsy, and her blog is Croppin Mamas.  Drop by and check her out, and if you have any scrappin friends, feel free to pass the link along. 


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