Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Things Come

and good things came in the mail this week.

I mentioned over on FB a few days ago that I really wanted to work on my Friendship Blankie, but had run out of sock yarn leftovers. Darn it all if 4 different people didn't up and say, "I'll send you some!" The first of it arrived Wednesday.

This package was from Christi, who as far as I know, doesn't have a blog. And I've received messages that two more packages are in the mail and winging their way towards me. At first, I was going to wait and post photos of all of it at once, but I changed my mind. Woman's prerogative, you know. I've already knit some of this into the blankie, but right now there's not really a noticeable difference. I'll wait until I get a bit more done before I take a new photo.

Today, this little gem arrived, totally unexpected.

OK, the print, not the frame. That came from Wal-mart. The note accompanying it said it was a gift for renewing my subscription to my Dallas Cowboys Star magazine. That is Jason Witten, Marion Barber, and Tony Romo--the three men I'd once promised to name my next child after.

I just love getting stuff in the mail, especially when it's stuff I didn't have to pay for.

1 comment:

Sus said...

I have some more sock yarn for you, too, but it's still packed somewhere so it may be a little while. But, oooh! Anticipation! ;)


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