Monday, January 04, 2010

First Day Back

Oh, I did not want to get up this morning. I hadn't slept well, it was cold, and face it, I just didn't want to go back to work. Where had my vacation gone? I wasn't alone in my sentiments, either. Soon after I got to work, I saw Patrick, walking like he was about to fall down. "Oh," he groaned, as I got within earshot. "We're here again."

Yep, we were, though none of us wanted to be. By the time I left work, I had a raging headache. But I couldn't go home and relax, because we needed milk. So, I got Cody and we went into town. I'm so glad he's starting to drive. He took some old PS2 games in to one of the electronics stores here in town to sell them. He had about 7 games, and they offered him $2.75 for them. Not $2.75 each; $2.75 for all seven. He didn't sell them for that. I told him to put an ad in the paper and he could probably get about $5 apiece for them.

Wal-mart was the next stop, and while we were there, we got Jake a new dog box. My cousin Mike had borrowed mine a while back, before we had planned on getting another puppy. I had a small one I was using, and Jake has outgrown it. I called Mike a month ago and asked him to bring my big one back, but he never did. Last week, he told me his dog had destroyed it. He said he'd buy me a new one, but I doubt he ever will. But that's all moot anyway as Jake needed a new box now. Poor baby couldn't even sit up straight in his old one. Needless to say, he's got a nice big box to sleep in.

I still have a headache. The Fiesta Bowl is on the TV, but I can't even get into the game. It's Boise State vs TCU.

Speaking of football, the Dallas Cowboys won the NFC East, defeating Philadelphia 24-0. It was the first time in team history they'd pitched back to back shutouts, having defeated Washington 17-0 the week before. I was working on a post, but the raging headache has left me pretty much unable to put two coherent words together. I think I'll just walk the dog and go to bed. But first, here's a little something to tide you over:

Cowboys 2009

Path To The Playoffs



Opal said...

i'm so sorry about your headache. it was a great game wasn't it? i look forward to your post about it when you get to it. :)

Patch said...

Are the Cowboys going to the Superbowl this year, or is it still too early to tell? And did I just jinx them by asking about it?

I won't watch the game either way, I'm just curious for your sake. :)


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