Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A New Start

For most people, the new year is a time to start over. Try things again. Make things new. Make things right. The Fine Martial Fiber household is no exception. After wearing my Cowboys hat a few times, I didn't really like the fit. It was just too loose. I looked at it and realized that the ribbing hadn't pulled in as much as it usually does. I thought briefly about ripping the whole thing and starting over, but decided against that. I ended up just picking out the ribbed section and reknitting it on smaller needles.

It took longer than I thought it would, because apparently, when you rip ribbing from the cast on edge, you have to untie every stitch where you make the transition from knit to purl, and vice versa. Nevertheless, we persevered, and finally got the thing finished.

It fits much better now. I could have used it when I walked Rylea this afternoon. The high today was only 31'. It was 18' when I got up this morning, and it's supposed to get even colder the next couple of days.

Remember the socks I got the huge hole in a few weeks back? I had every intention of tossing them, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I decided instead to rip and reknit them.

I got the first one completely ripped, and got started on the second. I probably won't knit the same pattern, though. Not with re-used yarn. I had this brilliant idea --right. I had some of the original yarn that I hadn't had to use. I was thinking that with what I reclaimed from the socks, plus the unused leftovers, I could make a fairly decent length scarf. But, when I got the remaining yarn out of the closet, I discovered that the socks seem to have faded quite a bit in the wash. So much so that they don't even look like the same color any more. (I'd intended to have a photo to insert here, but I forgot to take it, so you'll just have to use your imagination, because I'm ready for bed and don't want to have to go find the camera, download the photo, etc., etc..) Now, I'm thinking maybe I'll just do toe up socks, and knit the foot with the faded yarn, and the leg with the fresh yarn. I don't know. I'll figure it out later.

Jake says, "All this starting has got me worn out!"

My Christmas cactus is still blooming. I can't believe this. It hadn't done anything in years, and now it's just covered in blooms, with more buds coming out every day.

I'm headed for bed now. Tomorrow, if I don't forget, and I don't get lazy, I'll have a surprise for you.

P.S. I think Cody and I have started a new New Year's Eve tradition: forgetting to watch Happy New Year, Charlie Brown. We did it again this year.

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