Thursday, January 28, 2010

Downhill From There

It all started when I was about to leave for work. I couldn't find my glasses. I was tearing up the house looking for them. Under furniture, in the refrigerator, everywhere. Cody even stopped his preparations to help, but alas, the glasses were nowhere to be found. I finally had to go get my old glasses, through which I can no longer see, and wear them to work, but I worried all day about where my glasses were.

And the day just went downhill from there. I got chewed out by my group leader for something I didn't do. The part stager tried to get smart with me. The other brazer treated me like she thinks I'm an idiot. OK, she does that all the time, and I ought to be used to it, but today it was just too much.

As if that weren't enough, I realized that I could actually see my work better without the old glasses I was wearing, so I took them off. I could see my work, but couldn't see people around me, so that made me feel really isolated, and the whole day was just weird.

After work, I took Cody to get his hair cut, and I decided that I was just too tired to cook so we went to Burger King. Cody wanted a steakhouse burger, but they were out. We both wanted Dr. Pepper, but they were out. So we had to settle for something else.


I finally found my glasses, in a place both Cody and I had looked several times this morning (beside the computer monitor under a pile of bills), and I got yarn in the mail. Yarn makes all things better.

This yarn is from Ann, who has sent me yarn before. I can't wait to get it worked into the blankie, but I'm almost through with Queen Anne's Lace, so that is priority right now.

I got this skein a from Sarah a couple of days ago.

It is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in the Limited Edition October 2008 Very Scary colorway. There's enough there that I can get a pair of socks out of the leftovers. That little wad of blue and white isn't part of it.

Jake wanted his yarn in the picture, too.

Isn't that sweet?


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Sus said...

It's so much better when the good comes after the bad. I'm glad your day turned around at last! Here's to better days!!


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