Tuesday, June 20, 2017

That's Going To Leave A Mark

You know you work a lot of hours when your production superintendent walks by and asks, "Do you ever go home?"  Saturday, I was already staying late, finishing up a 12 hour shift, when the second shift supervisor asked me if I could stay a couple more hours.  I told her I would, as long as she got it approved by the higher ups.  She did, so I did.  So here I am, Tuesday evening and I already have 38 hours on my paycheck. 

By the way, I answered the above question with, "No, I have a little cot set up back in the warehouse.  I just take a nap every so often and keep on working."  He said, "I believe it!"

Some people like to cover their bodies in certain types of body art, like tattoos, for example.  I seem to want to go a different route. 

This, friends, is what happens when you drop a red hot piece of copper onto your arm.


Just in case you were wondering, yes we do wear protective sleeves which we call arm guards.  And yes, I was wearing my arm guards when this happened.  In fact, I had to move said arm guard in order to splash cool water on said burn.  And my first thought was, "Dang, that burned me through my arm guard!"

However it got there, it's definitely going to leave a mark.  I'll just add it to my collection.  Of burn scars, I mean. 

Let's move on to more pleasant topics, shall we?  

Do you remember me reviewing a movie I'd watched over Memorial Day weekend called Taking Chance?  That movie touched me so deeply that even though it's available through my Prime subscription, I handed over a few of my hard earned dollars to add the DVD to my collection.  

If you haven't watched this movie, I strongly encourage you to do so. 

Look!  My first little tomato is starting to ripen!  It won't be long until I put it onto a sandwich. 

Better news, I've got four more little tomatoes growing on that bad boy.  

Finally, I added a new wax stamp to my collection.

Here is what the stamp looks like. 

I've discovered that if you are very careful, you can peel the seal off the paper, remelt the wax, and reuse it.  I wouldn't do that on any real correspondence, but it's good for practicing with. 

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