Saturday, June 03, 2017

One More Thing

I told you Thursday that the last thing I'd ordered had arrived, but I forgot one more thing.  I forgot I had also ordered replacement grates for my grill.

See, a year or so ago, I'd traded Cody's old bed, which he'd long outgrown but for some reason was still hanging around, for a tabletop charcoal grill.  It's a nice grill, but the previous owners hadn't taken very good care of the grills.  They were badly rusted.  I've tried several times to scrub the rust off of them, but in the end, I took the better part of valor, and just bought new ones.   

I looked on one website, and they wanted $24 apiece for them.  I searched around to see if I could find them cheaper than that, but couldn't even find the size I needed at all.   Then I got the bright idea to look on the Char-griller website itself.  They had them for $8 each!  Even with shipping, I got two for less than that other website wanted for one. 

They arrived yesterday, but um, let's just say that when I got to work yesterday morning, the first thing Third Shift Group Leader said to me was, "Boy, am I glad to see you!"  That right there ought to tell you how my day went.  That, combined with not having slept well the night before, meant you didn't get a post at all.

After work, I had to go to the store, mainly because I didn't want to go today.  Of course, I can't go into Wal-mart without going to the garden center.  Remember how I was debating on whether to try to plant more wildflower seeds in that one patch in my garden?  As soon as I saw these Sizzle Zinnias, that debate was settled. 

They had several six packs of them, but of all of them, this was the only one with an orange flower.  All the rest were just pink.

I also picked up one more plan Zinnia, because I liked the hot pink flower.

After work today, I got out there and pulled up the rest of that grass and planted them.  In the next day or two, I'll put the mulch down around them, and my front flower beds will be done for this year.

Speaking of work, during the week, the supervisors are expected to dress a bit nicer than us peons.  Not suits or anything, but khaki pants and polo shirts, or similar attire.  I guess it's what you'd call business casual.  However, on weekends, things are a little more relaxed. 

This morning, Supervisor Calvin wore jeans and a Captain America t-shirt.  A couple of hours into my work day, I needed him for something.  I don't know which numbers to dial on the phones to page someone over the PA system, so I asked my coworker, "Can you do me a favor and page Captain America to the front of line three?"

She said, "I'll page him, but I'm not saying Captain America over the thing." 

"Well, that takes all the fun out of it," I replied.

When Supervisor Calvin came over and we'd discussed my little problem, I told him, "I asked her to page Captain America, but she wouldn't do it." 

He said, "That's just wrong of her." 

He walked down to where she was, and asked her why she wouldn't page Captain America.  She said, "I was afraid you'd be mad.  I'll go do it now."  At this point, Supervisor threw up his hands in mock frustration and said, "But I'm already here now!"

It seems like I only write about work when I'm aggravated or frustrated, so I posted that story to let you know we do have our lighter moments out there, too.   I'm going to try to share more of those, instead of just griping all the time.

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