Monday, June 05, 2017

Small Enough To Spank

I am an introvert, and like most introverts, I have some pretty serious telephone issues.  It takes a lot for me to answer the phone, and even more for me to call someone. 

Like most small children, Cody took the opportunity of mommy being on the phone to pester her to death.  Given my difficulties with phones in general, I quickly put a stop to this by telling him, "If you interrupt me while I'm on the phone, there had better be blood coming out of you somewhere, because if there isn't, there will be." 

Cody is grown now.  You know, things just aren't the same as they were back when I was his age.  Like last year.  He'd just graduated from college, and had found a job pretty quickly.  He and his college roommate soon found a place to rent.  The problem was, he'd never carried any debt (other than his student loans, which he hadn't begun to repay at that time), so he didn't have a credit score.  He'd never financed anything, nor did he have any credit cards.  Even when he bought his car, he saved up and paid cash for it.  No debt means no credit score.

Anyway, since Cody didn't have a credit score, I had to cosign on his lease for him.  Because I do have a credit score.  Because I have a lot of debt.  Which is why I'm working so much overtime. 

But I digress...

Late last night, he sent me a text

which I didn't answer, because I wasn't.  So he called me.  At 9:30 PM.  Yes, that is Post Meridian.  Um, you do know I get up at 3:30 ANTE Meridian, don't you, son of mine?

He and Dejuan have found a new place to rent, and wanted to know if I'd cosign on the lease again.  Sure, I would.  He needed all my information -- monthly income, place of employment, etc. etc.  I gave him all that, wished him luck, and went back to sleep.

He called back at 10:30.  Ten thirty!  This is one of those times I wish he were still small enough to spank. 

What had happened was that he had timed out on the application, and had to fill it all out again, so he needed my information again.  I gave it again, wished him luck, reminded him what time I get up in the morning, and concluded our conversation with the immortal words:

If you call me this late again, there had better be blood coming out of you somewhere.

Cody replied with his classic Cody wit, "That can be arranged." 

All that to say, I've been running on very little sleep today, so you don't get a post. 

Oh, just one more thing.  When I got off work, there was another text from Cody.  He didn't get to turn in his lease application because the server went down or something.  He needed all my information again, and he was going to go fill out the stuff in person. 

Let's hope it gets done this time.

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