Monday, June 12, 2017

All Done

I'm all done with my front flower bed for this year.  Well, done with planting, that is.  I still need to finish putting down mulch, then I'll be all done.

One of the first things I'd planted was some freesias.  Out of 16 bulbs, only 6 even came up.  Of those 6, all but two have died.  When I went to the store Friday evening, I decided I'd get something else to put in that spot.  There was already one zinnia and a vinca that seeded from last year.

I've had several vincas come back from last year's seed, but I've thinned them, except for a few strategically placed ones. Vincas are OK, but not one of my favorites. 

Aside from those, I had some bare spots where the freesias had died.  I filled those bare spots with these hot pink pentas.

And with that, my little flower bed is finished.  Except for the aforementioned mulch. 

It's been exactly one month since I got my new crowns, and let me tell you, it's been an adjustment.  I feel like I've had to learn to talk all over again.  I'd never really paid attention to how much of a role your teeth play in your speech, but trust me, they are more important than you think they are.

Still, I'm slowly getting used to them, and may one day see them as teeth instead of crowns.  I'm not there yet, though. 

I was going to write about what a hectic day we had at work.  Then I realized, it was actually pretty easy for me.  Group Leader wasn't there, so not only did I not have anyone nagging and pestering me to death all day, but Other Sub-Brazer was able to stay on her stand.  In addition to having help, a Vitally Important Machine kept breaking down, so the line wasn't really able to run that fast.  We only ran just over half of what we normally do, so I was able to really take it easy.  For a change. 

I'm telling you, it was so nice to be able to do my job -- and only my job. 

If only it would be that way every day...

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