Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thor's Day Mayhem

I went to work expecting the typical Thor's Day mayhem.  It always seems to fall on Thursdays, doesn't it?  Legend has it that Loki -- the Norse god of mischief -- is jealous of Thor and tries to ruin things.  And Thor's day seems to be the perfect day for that.

However, today seemed as if it were going to be very non mayhemic.  Everything was going swimmingly....until about 10:00.  Then I noticed a smell.  A bad smell.  It got so bad that my coworkers were turning around asking me if I were burning something up.

No, it isn't me.  It smells like a motor burning.  That's when I saw it.  Thick black smoke billowing out of my fan motor.  Then came the screaming and the running.  OK, not really.  No screaming and no running.

I simply did what any former active duty Electronics Technician Third Class Petty Officer would do.  I unplugged the fan and called maintenance.  Soon, the maintenance man came and brought me a nice, shiny new fan.  Then he plugged it in and all the dust on it flew into my face, and I spent the rest of the day looking like a dalmatian.

Speaking of mayhem, for some reason the cat has decided she needs to start marking her territory.  On my new furniture.  I don't know why.  She's never peed on the furniture before.  Well, there was that one time on the bed, but that was on the dog's stinky blanket, so it doesn't count.

She pees on dirty laundry, bathroom rugs, and door mats, but never on the furniture.  But now, she's peeing on the couch.  I tried several different things to keep her from doing it, but eventually, I had to resort to the dreaded plastic sofa cover.

One for the chair, too.

Yes, the cushion is out of the chair.  It's airing.

I was at the store, and wandered down the clearance aisle.  There I saw it, and set of flannel sheets on clearance.

Yes, they have fishermen on them, but when the lights are out, who is going to know?

I bought a new hanging plant.

And baby Brooklyn's dress is moving right along.

Maybe I can finish by the weekend.  Then I'll have to find my button box and see what buttons I can come up with.  That's going to be the real challenge.

Eh, maybe I'll just buy some.


StephieKnits said...

Could the cat be sick? My older cat did that when she had an uti.

Becky G said...

I don't think so. She isn't acting sick the way she did when she had a UTI before. She still using the litter box for emptying her bladder. What she's doing on the couch is more like spritzing instead of peeing. That's why I think she's marking.


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