Friday, May 06, 2016

Busy Day

Cody is graduating from Mississippi College tomorrow morning.  In order to get Saturday off, plant policy dictates that you take a vacation day on Friday.  Not only that, your vacation request must be submitted before they announce the overtime schedule.   Now, I was perfectly willing to work today, but I had to take it to get tomorrow and not blow my perfect attendance and the monthly cash bonus that comes with it.

Since I had to take today off to get tomorrow off, I made the most of it.  I briefly thought of sleeping in, but I didn't want to mess up my sleep patterns, since I have to be on the road at the crack of dawn in the morning.  Graduation starts at 10:00, but Cody told me to get there between 8:00 and 8:30 to get a seat.  I'll be leaving here about the same time I leave for work, because it's a two (ish) hour drive depending on traffic.

I woke up at my usual 4:30, but just laid in bed for another 30 or so minutes.   Alas, my bladder wouldn't let me lie in longer than that.  I got up, relieved said bladder, made some coffee, refilled said bladder, and tackled the day ahead.  First thing I did was get out before the dew dried and spread some Scott's Turf Builder Weed & Feed on my front yard with my new little broadcast spreader.

It was pretty chilly when I got up, so after rinsing off my spreader in the back yard, I put it away and went inside to warm up with a cup of coffee and an episode of Property Brothers.  I was sitting there when I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye.  It was Jesse walking by my front door.  I'd forgotten to close the back gate after rinsing the spreader.

Fortunately, Jesse is a good dog and came right to me when I called.  I put him in the house, then went out and closed the gate.  Rylea was still in the back yard.  She'd never gotten out, and that's a good thing, because she doesn't come when I call.  Hard head.

I had a bunch of old clothes I was wanting to get rid of, so I went into town to take them to the thrift store that supports the local battered women's shelter.  Unfortunately for them, no one was there. That's why said clothes have been riding around in my car for several months.  It's so hard to catch that place open.  Even though I really wanted to donate to them, I wanted to get rid of those clothes even more, so I drove them down to the other thrift shop on the south side of town.  Since I was there anyway, I looked around a bit and found a few treasures.

I love this pitcher.  It was only $1, so I grabbed it up right away.

It has some melted wax in the bottom, like someone had tried to make a candle out of it.  I'm going to make a planter out of it, and put it on the baker's rack on my front porch.

I'm going to use this little bowl as decoration.  It was also only $1.

I think it will look really good on one of those easel things on my entertainment center.

Finally, the piece di resistance:  real Corning Ware and only $4.

I didn't have one in this size, so it will be a welcome addition, when my others are just a bit too big.

In other news, I had to rework the ant moat on my hummingbird feeder, because despite it's claims to the contrary, the caulk I used is not, in fact, waterproof.

After sitting in the water for a day or two, the caulk softened and water began leaking out.  I took it down and used hot glue instead.  So far, so good.  While I was in the store yesterday, I sprang for another feeder, this one with a built in ant moat.

Now, I'm just waiting for the hummingbirds to find them.  I've seen a couple, but it's still a bit early in the year.

And I bought a hanging pot with a petunia.  I had to swap places with one of my humming bird feeders, because this plant wasn't getting enough light where it was before.

The last thing on the agenda, I was determined to get my gardenias planted.

Now, I don't know what the previous owner was thinking, but every single place I've tried to put in a flower bed, I've had to dig past rocks.  Her love affair with rocks is matched only by her love affair with monkey grass.  This was no exception.  By the time I planted the third one, I was considering running out and buying a pickax with which to dig the hole.  Nevertheless, I persevered and got them all planted.

I had some potting soil and worm castings (from when I tried to grow my own fish bait), so I filled the holes with that instead of the rocky soil.  I hope that they grow.  I think that if the roots can make it past that layer of rocks, they'll do OK.

I've been saving my used coffee grounds and putting them into a jar filled with water.  I put some of that into my watering can and watered them really well.  Maybe that'll help them.  All three are covered in buds, and I can't wait for them to bloom.  I love the smell of gardenias.

I did a lot more stuff today, but I really don't think you want to hear about laundry, caulking my living room window, and de-peeing the couch.

Just when I was wanting another kitten, I remember why I don't get one.  

Squeaky says, "I don't know what you're talking about.  I'm an absolute angel."

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