Monday, April 11, 2016

When It Rains

When it rains, it pours, and I'm not talking about the weather.

Cody sent me a text last night.  He'd had this big paper due Friday, and had stressed himself out over it to the point he'd made himself sick -- sick enough he felt he need to go to the ER.  He's doing better, but that's another big bill I just didn't need right now.   I'm going to contact the hospital and see if I can pay it over time.  Most hospitals will let you make payments, so that's a help.  My group leader put me back on 10 hour shifts, so that'll help, too.  My child had better find a job -- and quickly -- too.

What else did I accomplish over the weekend?  Well, I got the last of my daffodils moved to their permanent home.  The bed got full, and I had a few left, so I planted them in a line beside my ditch.  I got my dianthus planted, too.  I'm going to go back and get a few more of those, maybe tomorrow.  It rained all day today, so I didn't do anything after work.

In knitting news, I finished this hat.

Since the yarn I used was thinner than what the pattern calls for -- it's still worsted weight, but Cascade 220 is on the thinner side of worsted -- I used a smaller needle and cast on a few more stitches.  Good news, I found my needle sizing thing, so I don't have to guess what size those needles are next time.

Since I'm not the kind of person who can go without having a project OTN, I cast on another hat right away.

This one is going to be a plain vanilla stockinette stitch hat.  I'm not sure what the yarn is.  It's some that was in that huge box my mother in law sent me.  That photo isn't exactly true.  It's a dark burgundy in real life.

I bought this cabinet shortly after moving into this house.  It's been sitting in the box ever since.  I wasn't going to put it up until after I'd redone this bathroom.  However, between having to replace the plumbing, cut down the tree, and paying my son's hospital bill, it doesn't look like I'll be doing a whole lot of remodeling anytime soon.  With that in mind, I got it out yesterday and put it together, and hung it.

Yes, those walls really are that hideous green.  The first thing I said when I walked into this room was, "Well, I'm definitely going to paint in here."  I don't know what color yet.  I hadn't really planned for the master bedroom and bath yet.

For now, since I'm back to getting up at 3:30 AM, I'd better hit the hay.

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