Wednesday, April 27, 2016


We had a good rain this morning, so I thought it'd be a good time to get out and try to dig up the rest of the monkey grass in my front yard.

Let it be known from this day forward, that I officially hate monkey grass.  If you ever plant some, make sure you want it to stay there forever.  And I do mean f.o.r.e.v.e.r.  That stuff is tough, I tell ya.

Nevertheless, I persevered and got it done.

I'm going to have to get some dirt to fill in the canyons left by the roots.

Wal-mart has some bags of top soil for like $1.47 for 40 lbs.  I'll get some of that to fill it in.

I did find these bulbs in one little section of the grass.

I'm not sure if it's monkey grass or spider lilies.  I think I'm going to plant them in a container type thing and see what comes up.  If they're spider lilies, I'll put them in the yard.  If it's monkey grass, I'll toss them in the compost.  However, since the were only in one four or five inch wide section of the roots, I'm leaning toward spider lilies. 

The previous owner left some old tires out by the garbage can.  I was thinking of painting them and planting things in them.  That'll be a good place to put those bulbs -- at least until I see what they are.

Moving right along, I found one of my roses opened today.  

I apologize for the out of focus picture.  I took it on my phone and can't see the screen when I'm outside.  When more of them open, I"ll take a picture with my good camera.  This is just one small section of what we have to look forward to.

Finally, a bit of sad news...

Fair washcloth, we hardly knew ye...

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